Author: Margaret Rowland

Margaret Rowland is an award winning and internationally published photographer who has worked across a spectrum of genres. She learned the art of capturing light on her father's manual Pentax film camera, and now works primarily with Canon DSLRs. Her work has taken her around the world: from presidential election coverage in New Hampshire for Dartmouth (her alma mater), to documentary and travel/adventure work in Paris, New Zealand, & Kuwait, to wedding photography in California. She currently resides in New York City where she focuses on shooting fashion and beauty, both in her Manhattan studio and on location.

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For anyone, including that omnipresent crotchety inner dialogue, that has ever asked me the question, “why do you do what you do?,” here’s my answer. I hope it reminds you of why you do this, as well. Hopefully it also shuts down your inner snark.

Photo by Edward Barraza
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A welcome to the funny side of Sharpen. Margaret Rowland introduces her bi-monthly column, “A Shot in the Dark,” and the monthly adventure that is being a photographer. Featuring loves, lists, laments, and Louboutins.