Frank Rocco

Kevin Michael Reed

Managing Editor:
Angela P. Schapiro

Photo Editor / Art Director:
Xiang-Yun Chen

Copy Editors:
Leigh Beckett
Herb Schur
Michelle Kawka
Margaret Rowland

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Business: Michelle Kawka
Fine Art: Susan May Tell
Technology: Kevin Michael Reed

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Salem Krieger

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Katarina Kojic Kaplan

Founders: Frank Rocco, Liam Alexander, Alex Geana, Kevin Michael Reed, Ken Jones, Kat Kaplan.

Sharpen is a Publication of
American Society of Media Photographers, New York Chapter


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Liam Alexander is an internationally exhibited fine artist, Board Member of ASMP NY and the Producer of the 2016 ASMPNY Fine Art Portfolio review.

1 Articles

I specialize in working with children and youth. I spent many years in Europe working and letting Europe influence my approach to my photography. I'm currently integrating live action into my work.

MANAGING EDITOR OF SHARPEN. I work in many areas: People; Travel; Nature in all of its forms; Photojournalism and socially relevant issues; Art, Architecture and still life (no weddings!). It may be said that I lack a single focus. My reply is that life is my focus. As Henry Miller said, :"one's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things".