The Publisher’s Column: Feb 2015



As the re-launch of SHARPEN, our online magazine, commences, I am excited to be working with this dedicated and competent team. It has been in the works for a while and has gone through many changes and revisions. We are proud to present SHARPEN in its current format.

I would like to thank some of the team and members of the New York chapter of the ASMP board including:

  • Alex Geana, because his passion for this project put us on the road to re-launch.
  • Liam Alexander, who worked through multiple versions of the project and whose passion drove this project forward.
  • Ken Jones, Carol Julien, Teresa Kruszewski and all the members of the ASMP New York board who kept this project going.
  • All the members of the current team – I offer you my thanks.
  • Mostly, I would like to thank our Editor-in-Chief Kevin Michael Reed for putting this whole thing together and seeing it through to materialization. He has been the driving force behind the entire project. Without his dedication, the re-launch of Sharpen would not be happening.

We would also like to convey a huge thank you to our sponsor, CSI Rentals! They have stuck with us through thick and thin on the remake of this magazine. CSI Rentals has been a long-time partner of ASMP New York. I should also remind you that ASMP members get a 30% discount on rentals at both their Manhattan and Brooklyn locations.

In accordance with our goals as an ASMP chapter, in this new version of our magazine we intend to cover a wide range of subjects, including the business of photography, fine art photography (including reviews of openings), product and tech reviews, and a variety of other issues relevant to our industry.

Your News?

We are on the lookout for more contributors. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, you can read about the guidelines and requirements and find out more HERE. And we want to know YOUR news! So, please share your news with us HERE.

There is a lot going on in the photo world and we know it is hard to keep up on everything around you while running a business, marketing to new clients, learning that you’ve been “doing twitter wrong” for the past two years, figuring out new software, and hopefully, getting out to fire off a few frames with a camera. We aspire to be the link that stays in your bookmarks bar, the link that you regularly come back to for more. We welcome feedback. You can contact us HERE.


Frank Rocco
Publisher, Sharpen, The Online Magazine of ASMP NY
President, ASMP NY


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